June 21st, 2011


Ok, so the Bristol Palin autobiography is coming out soon. In it she talks about losing her virginity.

She says it happened when she and Levi went camping. She says she had so many wine coolers that she blacked out the entire evening and only knew she had had sex when she woke up the next morning and heard Levi bragging to his friends in the tent next door that he had popped her cherry.

She then made him promise not to do that to her again until they were married.

A lot of people and media outlets are saying "Whoa! She just accused Levi of date rape! Wonder if he'll sue!"

The Palin camp is responding, "No, Bristol did not use the word 'rape' so there is no accusation. She's just saying she got drunk and doesn't remember what happened."

Then, people are responding "Fuck that! If that happened and she was so drunk she couldn't remember that is a date rape she's describing."

Next, the Palin camp responds "Well, obviously if she thought she was raped she wouldn't have kept dating him, gotten pregnant eventually and gotten engaged to him twice."

People respond back "Victims date/marry their rapists all the time!"

All of this brings me to the question - what do you think happened here? Do you think she is accusing him of date rape - but being clever enough to do so in a way where she can avoid a lawsuit?

Do you think she was raped without realizing it?

Poll #1754058 Bristol

Do You Think Bristol Accused Levi Of Date Rape?

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If The Events Bristol Described Are True Do You Think It's A Case Of Date Rape

Yes. Blackout Drunk Is Too Drunk To Consent
No. Because They Were Probably Both Wasted
No. Because She Doesn't Say She Felt Raped
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