June 20th, 2011

The Killing - Poll

If any season finale ever deserved a poll The Killing was it. I can't imagine a more potentially polarizing ending.

Anyway, how did you guys feel about it?

Poll #1753732 The Killing Poll

The Season Finale Of The Killing Was?

Creative And Awesome
Good. Not Great. But Interesting
Complete And Total Bullshit
Fuck Me. Fuck The Writers. Fuck AMC
Something That Made Me Consider Going On A Killing Spree
So Bad I Now Appreciate The Ending Of LOST
I'm Withholding Judgement Until Season Two

The Definition Of Bullshit

Ok, so you know how Wal-Mart was being sued by about a million female employees they discriminated against?

The Supreme Court just threw out the the class action lawsuit.


Because the court ruled that too many women were involved in the suit and it would therefore be unfair to Wal-Mart.

So, you know, when you get the idea to market Bag-O-Glass or Rusty-Nail-Fun as a toy for children, make sure at least a million parents buy it for their kids and you'll be safe.