June 16th, 2011

Vlad's Friends

A bat just flew into our apartment.

My cat and I thought it was cool.

Rome Girl, on the other hand is no Mina Murray and hid in the closet.

Like all bats, as soon as I turned on a fuckload of lights and opened all the windows it flew out.

All in all this makes me feel good.

While I suck at putting IKEA shit together, I think saving a girl from bats earns me some masculinity points.


Fucking Cool

Metallica announces they've finished recording their newest album - and it's a full length collaboration with Lou Reed.

"Ever since we had the pleasure of performing with Lou at Madison Square Garden in October 2009, we have been kicking around the idea of making a record together and we have indeed been working at our home studio at HQ on and off over the last few months."

"In what would be lightning speed for a Metallica related project, we recorded ten songs during this time and while at this moment we're not exactly sure when you'll hear it, we're beyond excited to share with you that the recording sessions wrapped up last week."

I Have No Words

Scott Adams latest blog post is beyond insane.

In it he says that powerful men rape women and cheat on their spouses because it's their natural instinct to do so. Then he says that society represses their natural instincts but supports the natural instincts of women (which he implies are always to be monogamous and faithful and have sex rarely.)

Then, he goes on to say that the only way to make society work and men and women get along is to have all men chemically castrated except for periods of time when they are needed to have a libido in order to get their partner pregnant - through artificial insemination because he assumes that women at that point would no longer want to have sex under any circumstances.

Dear Scott,

Did you ever think that maybe women simply don't want to have sex with you? That maybe they like sex, but would prefer it to be with someone who isn't a dickbag?



Fuck Steve Jobs

Apple to make it impossible for you to film concerts and other live events with your iPhone.

"If an iPhone were held up and used to film during a concert infra-red sensors would detect it.

These sensors would then contact the iPhone and automatically disable its camera function.

People would still be able to send text messages and make calls."

Balls To The Walls

Jezebel today has an article today claiming that more and more men are buying deodorants specifically designed to be sprayed on their balls.

This is something that had never occurred to me.

So, I gotta ask - am I behind the times or is this a trend? If not, should it be a trend?

Poll #1752796 Ball Stink

Have You Bought Deodorant For Your Balls?

I Don't Have Balls

Do You Want Your Dude Or Dudes To Buy Deodorant For Their Balls?

I Don't Give A Shit For Any Number Of Personal Reasons