June 14th, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Eventually someone will have the bright idea that legalizing and taxing drugs and sex workers would actually make the world safer and reduce deficits. When that day happens advertising firms will have a field day.

I'm already thinking of some taglines.

"Phillip Morris - The Whackest Crack In Town!"

"Tuna Tunnel - Prime Pussy Power!"

"Twink Hut - Just Do Him."

"Stonerville - It's Always 4:20 Somewhere."

"Blue State Boys - We Hate Bush And Love Dick."

"Red State Girls - Just Like A Prayer They'll Take You There."

Fun With Facebook

It seems like Facebook is testing out a new feature today where while you are typing it tries to figure out what you are into and then places "suggestions" of things you can "like" on the right hand side of your screen.

It's clearly not a perfect system since I got it to suggest I "like" the Republican National Committee simply by typing "Fuck the GOP" into my status form (without even posting it to my wall.)

I plan to have fun with this all afternoon. I can't wait to see what it suggests when I type in "I want to stick my dick into a toaster."

Kiss, Fuck Or Kill

We haven't played this game in a while, so I figure we might as well revive it. For newbies the rules are for each bunch of three people you have to pick one you'd kiss, one you'd fuck and one you'd kill. (This assumes that the Flying Spaghetti Monster or deity of your choice will kill you if you don't pick one for each. This means you can't say "I'd fuck none of them" or "I'd fuck all of them." The game is only fun if you make an actual choice of one to kiss, one to fuck and one to kill. That said if someone is of a gender that you never want to kiss or fuck even if you would die otherwise you are free to skip that round.)

Round One:

Taylor Momson

Round Two:

Charlie Sheen
Mel Gibson
Michael Lohan

Round Three:

Paul McCartney
John Mayer
Justin Bieber

Round Four:


Round Five:


Blind Sided

Man, I'm torn on this blind item.

"[BlindGossip] This Hollywood power couple is at the breaking point on many subjects, including kids, money, and sex. Their entire domestic situation is built on a foundation of lies, and after several rough years, he has had a change of heart over how he wants to live his life.

Of course, she is now completely freaking out, as even one revelation about kids OR money OR sex will bring down the entire house of cards. But how do you punish someone who is willing to expose all his own secrets? It looks like the child/ren will wind up being the weapon/s of choice in the upcoming face off."

I want it to be Tom Cruise, but part of me thinks it has to be Travolta because of the "face off" reference.

What do you think?

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