June 10th, 2011


Had a dream I was on a high speed train with theadulteress.

She was dressed like and had her hair done like Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice.


It turned out that the train could not be stopped for any reason, but there was a bomb hidden somewhere on board.

Violet then revealed to me that she'd been put on the train by the government because she was a secret agent who knew how to disable any type of bomb. But, she didn't know where the bomb was, and said that the secret of the bomb's location was hidden in my subconscious.

She also said I had to call her "Kim" instead of "Violet" or our lives would be in danger.

Violet/Kim/Lana then took my pack of cigarettes lit one up and hypnotized me by blowing smoke rings into my face.

Finally, we found the bomb hidden in the underwear drawer of a private cabin on the train rented by Ilsa Lund.


Violet/Kim/Lana shot a tranquilizer dart into Ilsa so she wouldn't betray us to her masters.

I woke up while Violet/Kim/Lana was disabling the bomb.