June 9th, 2011

The Pinta And The Santa Maria

Sometimes it's hard to be a music nerd living with someone who is not a music nerd.

I've had this exact same conversation roughly every five weeks for the past year:

Me: God, I wish Nena Kerner would tour France so I could see her in concert.

Rome Girl: You saw Nena Kerner in concert last year.

Me: No, I saw Nina Hagen. There is a difference.

Rome Girl: Whatever.

How I Met Rome Girl

Yet another donation to the blog! This time the donor wants to know how I met Rome Girl.

Because I have pretty much zero bar pick up skills in general and was particularly socially awkward after my wife left me and I was batshit crazy I started using Nerve Personals back when they were actually cool and user friendly.

I set up three profiles - on in Montpellier, one in Paris and one in Barcelona (just because I knew the number of people using Nerve Personals around Montpellier would be about zero. I did make it clear in my profile that I lived in Montpellier, I just had the three profiles up for search reasons.)

Anyway, hooked up with a bunch of people. About 18 months into this process Rome Girl contacted me. She was working as a freelancer in Rome. A friend of hers was going to be in Barcelona with his girlfriend in a month or two and wanted to meet up.

She had been out of America for a long time and hadn't seen him for a while so she wanted to meet up, but didn't want to be a third wheel, so she was looking for a date/someone to hang out with when her friend wanted to get romantic with his babe.

We started talking on AIM and I eventually said I'd be up for it, but it might be better if we met in Montpellier a few weeks beforehand to make sure we wouldn't hate each other.

So, she flew down here and we spent most of the weekend making out. Then she came back a few weeks later. A month or so after that there was a Metallica concert in Italy so it was my turn to fly in her direction and we went to the concert. Then she flew back to meet me here again and so on.

I never did go on that trip to Barcelona with her and her friends and, honestly, can't remember what happened with all that.

She's actually written a book about our first year of courtship, but she fictionalized how we met because she wanted her mom to buy the book but didn't want her mom to think she was flying to France to meet a dude she only knew online.