June 4th, 2011

Just Say Yes

Polygamous group creates The Obedient Wife Club.

"When husbands come home from work, wives do not welcome them with warm alluring smiles and sexy dressing sprayed with beautiful fragrance to stimulate sexual arousal - but with stale saliva. This is the reality today.

"Much of the problems in society are caused by disobedient wives who do not bring joy and happiness to their husbands and do not serve their husbands well," she said.

Happy husbands won't abuse wives

Maznah said a husband who was happy, cheerful and contented because he was fully fed with obedience, service and entertainment from his wife would not be cruel to his wife and women abuse would thus not happen."

Deep Thoughts

The Gay Pride Parade is supposed to start in an hour and a storm hit a little while ago.

Rome Girl is joking that the fundies will call this God's judgement.

I'm thinking that right at 3 p.m. it will stay raining, but the sky will clear and a giant rainbow will appear.

It could happen!