June 2nd, 2011

Writer's Block: Born this way

If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

First you try to put evolution in my son's science textbook. Now you try to put it on here, you fucking heathens! This is why I'm going to home school both my son and myself from now on!

The animals only mated with each other in the vile city of Sodom which was stricken from the Earth never to be seen again! They spoke French at the Tower of Babel!

Do not defile the name of the great Noah by implying that the animals will co-mingle or that we were all monkeys and earthworms once!

God save America and God save Jesus!

Beating The Zombies

Zombie proof house designed.

"The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge. Seems like the perfect opportunity to use a flamethrower and defend the life of your family, while stylishly nesting in a piece of architectural elitism."

French/UK Newspapers Hit Rock Bottom

Here is how far the French/EU news has slid since DSK started.

Yesterday former Education Minister Luc Ferry said on television that he knew of another politician who goes to Morocco for sex.

He refused to name the minister at all and used a term to describe the dude's sex partners that could easily translate as either "young men" or "underage boys."

Today the French and UK media are going batshit claiming that a French politician has been accused of pedophilia in Morocco - it's really easy for the French tabloids to do this since the common French word for "gay male" and "pedophile" are nearly identical.

This, even though nobody has been named, the source is not credible and he may very well have been talking about consensual sex between adults.

Oh, and some of the papers are getting very, very close to what I would consider libel by strongly suggesting - without any evidence - that it's the nephew of a former president.