May 28th, 2011


Looking at Yusaf Islam's website hoping to find photos of the show to post I saw his blog and realized that the Muslim family sitting in front of me with five children that I mentioned in my review were his daughter and grandchildren.

No clue why they weren't sitting with his wife who was three rows in front of me.

Who knew?

I Love My Brother

Called my parents today because of my mom's birthday.

As always once I called I got passed around to everyone possible as "the relative who lives in France."

Anyway, my brother knew this would happen and had clearly rehearsed for this because when the phone was passed to him he sang into the phone a medley of Cat Stevens songs where he changed the words to be as offensive as possible ("Look at me, I am Satan but I'm happy." for example.)

Then he went on to say "Dude I would have totally rushed the stage and head banged during Peace Train - because when the fuck could you ever do that again."

Tonight he is my hero.