May 24th, 2011

Weird Night

So, I'm hanging out at the Vert Anglais last night and this French tourist woman shows up and sits at a table fairly near mine.

That's when a friend of mine who is as obviously gay as a butch top can be came out for a smoke. She started talking to him and told him she was glad she had "finally found a bar in this town without (French word that can either be a neutral term for "gays" or a very near simile for "faggots" depending on the tone of voice) in it."

He asked her why she thought this was remarkable (while we watched and could not believe she didn't realize he was gay) and she responded "everyone in the North knows that 90 percent of the men in Montpellier are (insert French word for "gays" or "faggots" again.)"

He tried to assure her that wasn't the case but she could not be convinced. He went back inside and she then started talking to me.

During our conversation she clearly thought I was native French and just speaking a regional accent and complained about all the English speakers and perverts in Montpellier and how she could not wait to get out of "Sodom" the next day. (Keep in mind that she had chosen to sit in what is very, very obviously an anglophone expat bar.)

I finally went inside to stop myself from laughing in her face.

After she was gone the bartenders told me that they could tell from her accent that she was from Bordeaux and that she had a patch representing the far right Le Pen party on her purse.

They then went to great lengths to explain that Bordeaux is famous for having residents who are assholes so none of them were surprised by her at all.

Come Sail Away

My friend, Hippy IT Boy, just launched his new business - where he will be taking people on cruises around the Mediterranean.

Rome Girl built his website which is pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. (I helped a bit with taglines and marketing strategy but it's mostly her baby.)

It's also got a Facebook page which will have cool photos and such on it.

Check it out!