May 17th, 2011

Peep Show

A few minutes after I got the Vert Anglais after work yesterday a young woman came out of a nearby apartment wearing NOTHING but a men's button down shirt. And, when I say nothing else, I mean nothing else AT ALL.

She tried to get into a car and drive away but must have realized she was way to wasted for that and gave it up after a minute or two.

Then, she spent the next 10 minutes drunkenly staggering around the tables, while all of us looked on and thought "Are we really seeing this?"

Finally, she calmly walked back into her apartment.

I should note that this was in broad daylight.

I really wonder what the back story was.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

A crime story. This is the story of Gambino soldier Peter DeMeo a guy that got away with it all. He is the true inspiration behind the legendary Gemini Crew. There were two best sellers written about his younger 1 cousin Roy DeMeo a man who my husband schooled. My husband knew all the mafioso of fame some of which are Henery Hill and Crew John Gotti ,Sammy the Bull , and the Ice Man Edward Kilensky. Peter lived a charmed life and died an old man in a hospital bed surrounded by his second family. I am his 36 years younger 3rd wife Gail and we have two biological children together. Pete was a contract killer a theif and a con artist but was mostly known as a ladies man . He was known as the la cosa notra casa novia. He sought me out because of my reputation throughout the NYS corrections system as the White Devil a beautifull blonde haired blue eyed girl that fought back like the White Devil of 5 percenter folk lore. He became obsessed once he saw me with his own eyes. I look exactly like his dead first wife and have the pictures to prove it. His first wife died at only 36 years old and there was no autopsy performed. That is only one of many fasinating stories all of which can be fact checked. I am in total financial distress about to be put in the street with two young children that is the only reason I am going to sell his story breaking my promise to never go public. My own life story would be a fasinating story as well. My parents signed away their parental rights giving me to NYS I was a street kid and at 16 was the girlfrerind of a multi millionare cocaine dealer in California then went on to become the wife of a Gambino legend and recently sought out by a Mexican Cartel as a potential wife. I need a skilled crime writer for this story