May 5th, 2011

Writer's Block: Cinco de Mayo

Do you consider yourself patriotic? If so, how do you express it?

I fled the country under the cover of darkness and live the life of the underground as a man without a country to fight for or believe in. I sow dissent and mistrust against the shackles of political power wherever I go and often leave revolutions in my wake. I am the man in the grassy knoll, the real killer of Archduke Ferdinand, the spreader of lies about weapons of mass destruction and the architect of the end of days.


For the first time in months Hannah's Bitches did the pub quiz (she didn't put the team together when she was pregnant and for the first couple of months after the birth.)

We won!

Also in the land of fun, someone got pissed off over my post last night about a blog reader running into me at The Egg.

This got them so angry that they tried to post homophobic shit that also called me fat and tried to threaten the reputation of my shrink.

But.. their rants (over multiple comments) were so offensive that Live Journal both refused to post them, (honestly they were so juvenile that I sorta wanted them on here just so people could make fun of them) and told me they had logged their IP address (and that they had noted multiple similar posts to this blog from that IP address that had also been flagged for inappropriate content) and said that they are blocking their IP address from placing comments on here in the future and then asked me if I wanted to take legal action against the commentator.

I don't want to take legal action, but it is nice to know LJ has my back.

Also, it will amuse the hell out of me if they now have to go to an Internet cafe and pay money to give me shit.