April 29th, 2011

The Lost Princess

This just seems fitting given tomorrow's events.

It's a poll just for the ladies.

Poll #1735569 Who Would You Rather Grow Up To Be?

Who Would You Rather Be When You Grow Up?

Kate Middleton
Joan Jett
Hillary Clinton
Lady Ga Ga
Amelia Earhart
I Am Male And Just Clicking Buttons


David Cameron just said to the BBC, "I went out last night and talked to the people sleeping on the streets."

He was referring to the wedding watchers, but please cue jokes about the effects of his economic policies.

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The Archbishop Of Canterbury just told William and Kate to "Set the world on fire."

Do they get the nuclear launch codes now or something?

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The BBC announcer just said that the Royal Family now needs to "go to the Alter Of St. Edward The Confessor to sign three registers in private."

This is British slang for "Drink gin and tonics and do lines of coke," right?

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Several drunk women wearing plastic tiaras just told the BBC reporter that seeing Kate and William in their carriage go by was "a life long dream come true."

Dare to dream, England! Dare to dream!