April 26th, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

So, even if LiLo loses her appeal of her latest sentence she'd probably only do a couple of hours in jail.

"Sentences are significantly reduced for inmates if they obey all rules while they are in custody. Ms. Lohan has always been a very good inmate while she is in custody. She is always extremely cooperative and we have had no problems with her," Whitmore said.

"Lindsay could easily be processed into jail, and there's a very good chance that she could be released within just hours of arriving.

"Instead of doing 120 days, or the reduced 20% sentence, Lindsay could serve only several hours, and then be released. If Lindsay were to surrender on a weekend, when the jails are the busiest, this would be Lindsay's best shot of getting out in no time."

I think this translates to: "We don't want the hassle of having her in our prison."

So, after spending tens of thousands of dollars prosecuting her on a clearly trumped up charge, they'll have her in custody just long enough to get a mug shot.

This, in a state that is nearly bankrupt.

Good job, L.A. District Attorney's Office!


My doctor has been away since Friday because of Easter shit.

I realized Friday that I was running out of Xanax. Called his office today - and found out that he's off until Thursday.

I usually take two pills a day and have two pills left.

My choices are:

1. Explain this to the pharmacist and ask if I can have half my prescription now if I bring in the new prescription on Thursday. Sometimes they are cool like that, sometimes not.

2. Talk half pills twice a day instead of full pills until Thursday.

3. Take my normal nighttime pill tonight, then wait as late in the day as possible Wednesday to take the last full pill. Find out what Thursday is like from when I wake up until 5:15 p.m. Thursday.



Got a box of the sweet pink pills.

The pharmacist told me I was far from the only one who was stuck because of our local doctor being away for the Easter break.

He used a regional, not quite French phrase, that I won't repeat because it would sound racist, but it's not, that sorta translates as "You are one of us." or "You are from the neighborhood."

When I apologized for obviously being scared that I might have to do a day without Xanax he joked "We have (people who pay money) who are without methadone and "contre psychopathiques" (I don't know what those are, but I get his point that they knew the doctor dude was off and I was hardly the only one to ask for help and that I was asking for less addictive shit than many others.)

This is why I like living in a small area - because people know you and are willing to work with you. The French are beautiful this way in a way that American pharmacists would not be.