April 24th, 2011

Easter Email Exchange

From My Little Brother:


So, this morning I looked into my easter basket and I saw a peep that bore
a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mother. I have decided that it is a
sign that I am one of the chosen few, sent from heaven to spread the word
of the lord to all of his wonderous creations. WE MUST ALL PRAISE HIM!

Hope your day is going well. We've got Ray, Leanne and little Alex at the
house. Alex rolled over and everyone is very impressed, although I'm not
sure why rolling over is so spectacular. When he learns to do my taxes or
drive a car, I'll clap for him. We're coloring eggs in a few. Mom has
been pretty good and dad is doing great these days but slowly turning into
a cranky old fart.

I got finals this week so I'm not going to be celebrating too much today.
Everything has been busy, but good. No complaints. On a seperate note, I
strongly recommend the two books, Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear.
They are the first to books in a series by author Patrick Rothfuss and
they are literally the best books I have ever read.

How are you doing? Hope all is well. Enjoy the topless beach, french
food, and prime people watching spots for me.

From Rome Girl in response to this:

well look at him, all chatty.

although i'm not sure how someone was able to graduate from notre dame without knowing how to spell hallelujah.

From me in response to that:

I couldn't spell it either.

Spelling is tyranny anyway.

Rome Girl's response to that:

you went to bard, where i don't think the word was used quite as much as one of the world's best known catholic universities.

My response to that:

Point taken.

Plus, at Notre Dame post-sturcuralist thought on the way spelling is used to enslave not only the masses, but the psyche itself, in order to lower the human condition and limit the possibilities of art and communication are probably not discussed particularly thoroughly.

Her response to that:

have you been drinking?

My response to that:

I had a couple pints this afternoon, yes. But not enough to shake my convictions about the nature of the conflicted relationships between the sign, signified and signifier.

Now I'm heading over to the Vert where Andy is bringing in several pounds of Jamaican chicken wings.

Her final response:

you crack me up, calendar.