April 18th, 2011

Oh, France

Just paid the extortionate electric bill.

1. It astounds me that in 2011 I still have to wait two hours in line at the post office to do so.

2. It also astounds me that the electric company won't come over to see if there is a connection with our electric bill doubling and our landlord building a new apartment next to us.

3. The lady at La Poste admitted that it was her first time processing an electric company payment and said "I hope I did this right."

Le sigh.

Deep Thoughts

I love that the GOP has become such a bunch of douchebags that all Obama has to do to get reelected is "not be crazy."

Seriously, the GOP doesn't even like their own members any more. They are like four parties all under one roof - the guys who are owned by big business, Ayn Rand people, conspiracy freaks and Jesus nutjobs.

Obama would have to, like, personally take a dump in the living rooms of every American home or get caught on video blowing Castro to not win - and even then he'd have a chance.