April 12th, 2011

Honey Trap

I love it when criminals get exactly what they deserve.

The deal is a 16 year old girl and her 30 year old boyfriend had an interesting idea about how to make money using Facebook.

Quite simply she changed her age on Facebook to 17 (the age of consent in her state) and started contacting older dudes. One dude was interested and met up with her.

They ended up banging in a hotel room. Afterwards she arranged for a second date.

When the dude showed up she told him she was really jailbait and her boyfriend had secretly filmed their fucking.

They then demanded the whopping sum of $400 to keep quiet about it.

Dude was like "Fuck that shit" but played along and told them he'd give them the cash the next day. Instead he went to the cops and was like "WTF?" and the cops were like "Yeah, don't worry we won't arrest you, just agree to meet them again."

He did and the girl and her boyfriend got arrested not only for blackmail, but because she had tons of pictures of herself fucking her bf on her cell phone they also got hit with child porn charges.

Right on.

The real amusing thing about this is that the couple are such a bunch of idiots.

$400? Really?

If you are going to fuck a guy anyway why blackmail him for $400? There are plenty of dudes who will pay $400 to fuck a 17 year old girl without you having to go to the trouble and risk of a blackmail scheme.

So, either be a hooker and just get the $400 for working his dick, or find someone rich and blackmail them for a reasonable amount of money.

Blackmail is 25 years in prison. $400 is not worth 25 years in prison. Go for a minimum of 50k or get out of the business because you make real criminals look bad.

Tech Help

This afternoon I went out to get some sun.

While I did so my cat was apparently emailing her friends.

She did something that causes everything to scroll down super annoyingly fast when I hit the down arrow.

I have Windows 7. Anyone know how to fix this?



George Michael has announced he's re-recording a song in honor of the Royal Wedding.

As a matter of public service I thought I'd suggest some lyrics for him:

Well I think it would be nice
If I could smoke this crack pipe
I know not everybody
Got a pipe like mine

But I got to think twice
Before I cruise the night away
While I pray that Harry's gay
So I can get a royal too

But I need some time off
From such devotions
Time to buy some hair dye at the store
Cause when I go down
I need some lotion
Heading to my dealer
Cause you know I need to score!

Guess I gotta have faith


I hope you'll ask me for a lay
Beg, beg please for me to stay
Cause you're into dudes
Get on your knees to pray
Just like we did yesterday
Then tie me down
So that we can get rude

Before this wedding
Was such a notion
Back when we did it doggy on the floor
I'll reconsider
If we need lotion
Then I'll buy some KY
Begging you to fuck me more

Cause I gotta have faith


Vivienne Westwood says punk was "just a marketing opportunity" for her and McClaren.

Who could have ever guessed that!

I mean, other than anyone in the entire world who ever read anything about her and Malcolm to begin with.

I actually refuse to link to the article that has this gem of a quote because I find it up there with interviewing the president of the Cat Fanciers Association and asking them if they like kittens.