April 11th, 2011

Burqua Bullshit

Today the French burqua ban went into effect.

Before today I had never seen a single woman in Montpellier wearing a burqua.

Yet, this morning I saw at least two dozen walking around wearing burquas.

The cops were clearly ignoring them, because they could give a shit.

But, yeah, great job Sarko - you've actually managed to encourage women who would otherwise not wear burquas to wear them.

The Killing

Three episodes in and the writing and acting are still excellent - but come on give us some clues and suspects.

If the premise of your show is to have one murder in Episode One and then spend 13 episodes solving the murder the audience wants tons of clues and suspects so we can play along and try to guess who did it.

While the two douchebag teenage boys would in other cases qualify as suspects neither of them has the brainpower to have killed Rosie and dispose of the body in quite that way. So, yeah, they are pieces of shit but they are not suspects (in her murder, at least. They are clearly guilty of any number of other crimes.)

Once again, we have to assume that Rich White Politician will become a suspect eventually, because there's no other reason for him to be in the show, but if that's the case drop at least some clue pointing to him (even if it's a total red hearing.)

Personally I hope it ends up being Needy Fiance Dude In California, but, again, they haven't even sent a red hearing clue in his direction.