April 5th, 2011


I hate it when I'm standing outside a bar having a cigarette and a panhandler will come up and just keep repeating the phrase "20 cents please" in French over and over again until I finish my cig.

Look, if I was going to give you money I would have done so the first time you asked. Repeating the phrase to the point of annoyance is not going to help your cause. If you ask someone for money and they say "no" you either have to mug them or move on to someone else.

I also hate the panhandlers who sit underneath cash points. Look, the smallest bill cash points give out here are 20 euro notes. Nobody is going to hand you a 20, trust me on this one.

Black tights seem to be the thing for girls to wear this season. That's a good thing.

A client sent me a message asking me to "change" the text on his site, but did not say what or how he wanted it changed. Part of me is tempted to replace all his text with excerpts from old Star Trek clips, but, instead, I think I'll wait until he comes online and ask for a clarification on what kind of changes he wants.

Some girl at the bar last night was telling me that the local female friendly sex shop currently sells a vibrator that is also a cigarette lighter. Man, that sounds like a bad idea to me.

I'm really getting tired of LJ going down because I actually had a lot more I wanted to write over the past two days and now forget most of it.

The Killing

So, the new AMC show is off to an interesting, if slow, start.

For those of you who have not heard of it the point of The Killing is you'll get a murder in the first episode of each season. Then, the next 12 episodes will be spent following the cops as they work to solve the murder.

So, yeah, it's just like the old Murder One, except over 13 instead of 24 episodes.

Not much happened other than the murder in the first two episodes. We got to meet two interesting homicide cops and get thrown several weirdo possible suspects. There is a general underlying sense of pedophilia going on, which makes sense given who the victim is.

What is still up in the air is if this is going to head into Twin Peaks territory (it has potential to do so) or settle in as a police procedural. It's very, very weird and seems to want to do interesting things with class issues.

I think it will all hinge on the next two episodes. We need more clues to work with, because the ultimate fun will be using the clues to guess who did it.

Right now there aren't enough clues to speculate at all, which is frustrating. It also forces us to assume that Rich White Politician did it, since he's the least likely of the bunch and so far there doesn't seem to be any reason for Rich White Politician to be in the show if he's not going to become a major suspect.