March 30th, 2011

From The Freelance Job Boards

Job details
Basically, we're looking for someone to manage our online dating profiles. We're three guys who recently moved out here and are looking to meet fun and interesting people. Unfortunately we don't have hours a day to spend on the sites engaging with others.

We therefore need you to:

- Spend at least an hour a day browsing the site in a way that generates interest (we can explain how).
- Use our interests and the interests of the recipients to start up and maintain conversations on popular dating sites.
- After building relationships with these women through engaging conversations, set up ~3 dates a week for each person.

- Are flexible and have a sense of humor about the whole situation.
- Have superb spelling and grammar.
- Understand that maintaining our online dating profiles requires other than just writing personal notes (ie, you'll need to generate interest by rating other girls).
- Can live anywhere (though somewhere in the bay area is preferred).
- Understand the female intuition and are able to hold engaging conversations with females.
- Know how to use presto or similar text completion software to automate messages (or a willingness to learn).
- Can send 30-60 personal 200 character messages per hour (text completion will help).
- Optional, but preferred: you use OKCupid,, PlentyOfFish, etc.

Please send us a copy of your resume and a writing sample (any previous work will do). For preferential treatment please also include the profiles of dating sites for which you're a member.

We'll pay you $1 for every person that replies to your messages (to be no less than $5 / hour). That is, if you send 100 messages an hour and 20 people reply, you'll get $20. If 2 people reply, you'll get $5.

Note that to be counted as an eligible reply the girl must meet our pre-set criteria (location, attractiveness, etc).

Food Creations

I was just reading about the new Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae.

It's ice cream with maple syrup and bacon!

Anyway it made me start thinking about foods I used to make in my 20s when I was still smoking pot.

The weirdest one was "Chocolate Cheese Chops."

I'd fry up boneless pork chops, then put American cheese on top of them and then put Hershey's chocolate syrup on top of that.

What's the weirdest food mixture you've ever cooked?