March 29th, 2011


Went to the doctor this afternoon to both get more Xanax and because I've been coughing for four days.

He said I had a bronchial infection.

Fine. I get that I need the amoxicilline and have to take it for a week.

I do hate, though, that in France they also always prescribe you a bunch of shit you don't need. It's impossible to get out without a fucking shopping cart of supplemental stuff.

In addition to the amoxicilline he gave me:

1. One thing to take on the off chance the antibiotic bothers my stomach.

2. One thing to take on the off chance the antibiotic gives me diarrhea.

3. An expectorant.

4. Nasal spray.

5. Some variation of aspirin/tylenol/whatever.

6. Something that is clearly some variety of cough syrup.

To his credit he admitted that the antibiotics are the only thing I actually need and said the rest of the shit is just to mask symptoms and "So your coughing and sneezing doesn't bother Rome Girl."

Still, I wish I could have gotten out of there with just the antibiotics and Xanax, because now that I've spent the money on all the other crap I'll take it, even though I fucking hate taking chemicals just to mask symptoms.

I just want the stuff that genocides the fucking germs.

Mad Men

So, AMC will only renew Mad Men if the producers get rid of two regular characters.

Who do you think should get the axe?

I think Betty has to be the first to go. January Jones can't act for shit and her character sucks.

But, who else? I'm not sure Betty's new husband counts as a "regular character."

Obviously they have to keep Joan. You'd lose a lot if you got rid of Peggy. Roger is good for comic relief.

So, I'm going to have to go with Lane as #2 to get knocked off, but who do you think should go?