March 25th, 2011

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There's a possibility that one or more of the bands in Rock And Roll March Madness might be in a tie tomorrow morning when I tally the voting.

What are your thoughts on how I should handle that?

Poll #1722298 Thoughts

What To Do In A Tie?

Flip A Coin
Hold One Hour Long New Sudden Death Poll
Use One Of My Sock Puppet Accounts To Settle It
Other That I Am Not Smart Enough To Have Thought Of

The List

On Gawker today there is a blind item about an "A List" actor with a small wang.

95 percent of the Gawker folk are guessing Bradley Cooper.

I'm saying "No fucking way does two seasons on Alias plus The Hangover make someone A List."

But, maybe I'm wrong. So, I'll send it to the floor for a vote.

Poll #1722453 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Is

A List
B List
C List
Someone I've Never Heard Of