March 22nd, 2011


So, CBS is offering Charlie Sheen his job back on Two And A Half Men.

This begs the question of what the fuck went on here.

The Whole Charlie Sheen Thing Can Be Described A:

The greatest publicity stunt ever
A sign of the times
An example of Hollywood taking advantage of a sick man
The new zeitgeist
An example of winning

Bibs And Bobs

Allergy season is here so I went down to my local pharmacy to get some decongestant. In this country people go to their doctor for everything including minor allergies so I'm sure this seems weird to the locals, but fuck it. I don't care what brand or anything they give me, as long as it has the base chemicals used to make meth it seems to work for me.

Anyway, there was a woman in front of me in line who had a cold and had been to her doctor about it. Her doctor had fucking prescribed her the over the counter drugs Humex (generic Sudafed) and Advil.

The woman spent more than five minutes asking the pharmacist every question possible about both products. I wanted to fucking scream. Seriously, there are not that many questions in the world about Sudafed and Advil.

For the past four months the local bookshop has been trying to convince me to buy Angelology by Danielle Trussoni and I've resisted because the cover makes it look too fucking trendy. But, they had a sign up today saying that the author is going to be at the bookshop for a reading and book signing on Saturday, so I picked up a copy figuring if I end up liking it I'll feel like an idiot for not getting a copy signed when I had the chance.

I've become such a regular at the Bongo Hero place that even though they are closed on Mondays, the manager let me in last night to practice a bit for free. I am king of the nerds.

Fox News is currently running an item bitching the the LiLo legal shit is costing the State of California millions at a time when they can not afford it. Well, maybe if they stopped busting her on clearly made up shit, that wouldn't happen.