March 14th, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Just watched The Adjustment Bureau - knowing nothing about it going in.

My first response was: "Wow, that was really a lot like Blade Runner set in contemporary times."

Then, read the Roger Ebert review and found out that like Blade Runner it is based on a Philip K. Dick story.

Rome Girl loves it, which baffles me because she hates Blade Runner with the fire of a thousand suns.

All in all a good film, but nothing really new here - imagine Blade Runner and Inception had a baby and that baby was set in 2011. (This is particularly true if you compare it to the original Blade Runner and not the director's cut.)

Rock And Roll March Madness Anchor Post

So, my version of March Madness - which is rock and roll instead of basketball - started this weekend.

Since I know a lot of people don't check Live Journal on the weekend and because I want a single link you can send people if you want to "Howard Stern" the contests, I'm doing this anchor post.

Basic deal is it's set up just like March Madness as a four division elimination tournament. The first round runs until Saturday night and we already have some fairly tight matches with Depeche Mode Vs. The Smiths and David Bowie Vs. Pink Floyd.

Anyway, enough preamble.

The Rock And Roll March Madness Grid/Brackets is here.

First round voting for the Girl Group division is here.

First round voting for the Metal division is here.

First round voting for the Punk/New Wave division is here.

First round voting for the Classic/Traditional Rock division is here.

Have fun - and remember if your favorite band is in trouble the voting is open so you can rally your friends to your side!

May the best bands win!

Deep Thoughts

I think I finally understand Christian right wing political strategy.

The whole idea is to use purity balls and abstinence only education to create a Strategic Virgin Reserve to toss into volcanoes should we ever get hit by earthquakes, tsunamis or nuclear meltdowns.

It's our last line of defense.