March 12th, 2011

People Suck!


It's Sasha Grey's birthday and she's celebrating it in Puerto Rico. She was then nice enough to get her husband to take this picture of her and post it to her Facebook and Twitter pages.

The first comment - and remember only her fans would ever see this photo - is "Is that a muffin top developing?"


You just got a free picture of Sasha Grey looking fucking beautiful and your first thought is to give her shit about her weight?

As Rome Girl commented - "How much must that guy hate women?"


This Could Get Ugly

A black woman tries to make reasoned and nuanced comments on Jezebel about race while clearly identifying herself as a black woman..

She gets banned four times under four different screen names. Each time she's told it's because of the "tone" of her comments.

She then comes back under a fifth name, identifies herself as white and makes the most inane racist comments she can think of - and never gets banned, simply warned about her comments.

March Rock And Roll Madness

In the spirit of Jezebel's Cake Vs. Pie version of March Madness last year, I want to do my own March Madness - this time with Rock And Roll.

(For non Americans March Madness is a tournament where the top 64 ranked college basketball teams play each other in a four week elimination tournament. It's broken down into four divisions and in the first round of each division the #1 ranked team plays the #16 ranked team, the #2 ranked team plays the #15th ranked team, the #3 ranked team plays the #14 ranked team and so on and so on....

Eventually this gets to the point where someone has won each "division" - and that group is called The Final Four. Then the best ranked of The Final Four plays the #4 ranked and the #2 and #3 play against each other. The winner of those two games then plays the Championship Match.)

What does that mean in terms of what I want to do? It means that I'll create four divisions and get blog readers to vote in a poll each week. Because of the structure you won't get Metallica Vs. Slayer in Week One - you'd more likely get Metallica Vs. Winger - but there would probably be a likelihood of Metallica going head to head with Slayer later on after Slayer wipes out Dokken.

Anyway, I've come up with the four divisions I want to use - what I want from you guys is to suggest the "teams" i.e. bands that I should put in the divisions. I'll rank the bands in the divisions based on album sales as reported by Wikipedia (which could, depending on who you nominate end up with an interesting first round bout between The Go-Gos and The Runaways.)

So, here are the divisions. Please submit your nominations:


Traditional/Classic Rock

Punk/New Wave (This encompasses everything from The Misfits through Simply Red)

Girl Bands (Everything from The Ronnettes through The Go-Gos through Madonna and Britney Spears)