March 11th, 2011


Dyke Delight

Jezebel has a video of Michelle Rodriguez telling a reporter she is not a lesbian.

She does so by saying, "Mitchie likes sausage."

One Jezebel commentator asked "Is there a grosser way to say I am not a lesbian?"

Oh, yes, yes there is.

I have a couple ideas, but my I'm sure my readers can come up with a few more:

"I slob on bob"

"I'm a cockaholic."

"My tuna eats tube steak."

"I spread for dick head."

"I rock the cock fantastic."

"I need mayo on my tuna sandwich."

"I kneel for steel."

"I no smoochie the poonsickle, I prefer the cocksicle."

Let's hear your contributions!

Overheard In My Apartment

Rome Girl talking on the phone to a potential client who is looking for someone to edit their very long autobiography for publication.

"Wait. Are you saying your manuscript is typed on paper?"

The tone of horror in her voice was truly astounding.

UPDATE: Later in the conversation.

"What type of computer do you have?"

Several seconds later...

"Does it have Word on it?"

Several seconds later...

"Do you know if you can type documents into your computer?"

Several seconds later...

"Ok, if your daughter says it can be on a computer maybe I should talk to your daughter."