March 7th, 2011

A Spade A Spade

I'm all against racism. But sometimes I feel like trying to avoid discussions of race in the real world is just as racist as actually having the discussion.

For example I was just reading this story on Gawker about how in America there are fewer and fewer pickpockets while there are still a ton of pickpockets in Europe.

They quote from a Slate piece that has this paragraph.

"This is not the case in Europe, where pickpocketing has been less of a priority for law enforcement and where professionals from countries like Bulgaria and Romania, each with storied traditions of pickpocketing, are able to travel more freely since their acceptance into the European Union in 2007, developing their organizations and plying their trade in tourist hot spots like Barcelona, Rome, and Prague."

Now, call me crazy, but isn't there an accurate term for "professionals from countries like Bulgaria and Romania with storied traditions of pickpocketing."

How hard did that writer have to work simply to avoid using the word "Roma." And, how racist is it to avoid the word. It's not a negative word. It's the word that is socially acceptable. And the Roma themselves would be the first to agree that whether or not they are pickpockets today they certainly have - even in their own community - a storied history of pickpocketing.

So, why not just say that criminal elements within the Roma community are still a problem in tourist cities in Europe?

Healthy Mostly

So, saw the doctor today to get the results from my full physical and my blood work.

Blood pressure - awesome

Heart rate - awesome

Cholesterol - awesome

Liver function - awesome

Blood sugar - slightly high.

He wants me to cut out what he called "shit sugar" for a month and then get it retested. By shit sugar he said he meant soft drinks, and the syrups that I drink a fucking ton of (syrups are popular here. They are basically liquid sugar with flavoring. You pour a little in a glass, add water and end up with instant iced tea. I drink a ton of them - but not anymore) and junk like that.

I asked him what would happen if I didn't cut down on the shit sugar. He said "You hate needles, right?"

And I said, "yeah."

He then replied "Well, then, every month before I give you your new xanax prescription I'll make you get your blood tested. As soon as you get your blood sugar down I'll stop forcing you to get stuck with needles every 30 days before I give you your happy pills."

"Will do," I responded.

Like A Prayer?

Catholic Priest gets pulled over for being three times over the legal limit.

His response?

To offer to blow the officers if they'll let him go.