March 6th, 2011

Breaking Dawn

After watching Charlie Sheen's awesome new show Rome Girl has a theory about what's going on.

"You know how on Buffy, the monks took the key and then turned it into Dawn? I think that's what happened here. Somewhere a bunch of monks took the Internet and somehow put it inside Charlie Sheen's body and what we are seeing is the Internet itself becoming a sentient being. There's no other way to explain it."

Update: She just expanded on her theory for her tumblr:

"He's a troll, he's cynical, he's sincere, he's joyous, he's furious, he's scary,
he's sad, he is 4chan and Cute Overload and Gawker, he is Justin Bieber and
Justin Bieber's fans, he is the all-caps, misspelled rage of a Teabagger
comment, he is the Double Rainbow guy, he is a baby laughing at paper, he is
Photoshopped nudie pictures, he is a teenage girl's desperate, abandoned MySpace
page, he is a 10-part series on conspiracy theories.