March 4th, 2011

The Mind Boggles

Ok. So Jezebel and IO9 do a pretty scary story about a new scientific discovery of a protein that could kill all XY chromosomed humans on the planet. The base this on some weirdo study of fruit flies.

Jezebel gives it the headline "A Protein That Could Destroy All Men On Earth."

What's amusing is that while many people comment on the entry you can break it down to four basic responses:

1. "God, that's awful! Who will mow the lawn/get things from high shelves/open jars?"

2. "Men suck - this is great!"

3. "Fuck you, cis people! You are all transphobic assholes! There are men out there with XX chromosomes! How dare you have written that headline!"

4. "This is bad science! Men are not fruit flies!"

Now, seriously, can you imagine if the same discovery happened except it was of a protein that could kill people with XX chromosomes instead.

Just think of the backlash if dudes posted:

1. "God, that's awful, who is going to bring me a sandwich!" Why this would piss people off is self explanatory.

2. "Great, bitches suck!" Ditto on why this would piss people off.

3. "Well I have a dick but consider myself a woman so how dare you say it would effect all women!" Yes, I do understand that people have the right to identify as any gender they like, but I guarantee you cis women would freak out at this statement and bitch and moan about male privilege attaching to anyone born with a dick.

4. "This is bad science! Women are not fruit flies!" This would lead to "But, science doesn't really study issues that only pertain to women. How dare you dismiss something that could destroy the entire female community!"