March 1st, 2011

Ugg, EDF Sucks

So this month's electric bill was crazy high to the point where the electric company obviously made a mistake.

That said I paid it last week anyway while Rome Girl got one of our friends, Miss Darling, who is good at arguing with French bureaucracies to call the EDF to figure out what is up. (Our landlord recently built a new apartment in the basement of our building and I suspect we are somehow getting charged for their electricity.)

Anyway, after spending more than four hours on the phone (mostly getting hung up on) Miss Darling got about seven different explanations most of which amounted to "We think their bill will be lower next month, but it might not be and if it isn't we might come out but we might not."

Then, one of the people asked her if this is why we have not paid our bill. But we have paid it - all $317 of it - but somehow that didn't register on their system and they are scheduled to turn us off early next week.

So, Miss Darling faxed them the receipt we got from the post office documenting that we paid it (you pay the electric bill at the post office here.)

They said they would then credit our account. But, when we checked this morning they still have us down as not paying and still have us scheduled for cut off.

The thing to do if Miss Darling can't convince them over the phone that we have paid is to go down to the EDF office with the receipt. The problem is that Miss Darling has our copy of the receipt and she lives 40 miles outside of town and the EDF office itself is several miles out of town.

And, we don't own a car and no public transportation goes to either place. So, we may need to find someone who can give us a lift out to Miss Darling's place and then find someone else who can drive us to the EDF office and then wait around there all fucking day until we can get someone to look at our receipt and cancel the cut off.

The worst part is that the EDF is random about cut offs and sometimes cuts you off several days earlier than they say they will and sometimes several days later - which means we are sitting around wondering when the lights are going to go out.

And, I'm scheduled for a check up with my new doctor today and I'm terrified that he's going to think I have high blood pressure problems because I'm sure I will be more stressed than normal when I go see him - and I don't want to end up being given tons of blood pressure medication simply because I might have a minor spike due to being pissed off at the EDF.

Maybe I'll take an extra xanax before I go.

Note to new readers of this blog: One of my biggest "triggers" for mental health problems is the electricity being cut off, because during the middle of my nervous breakdown after my wife left I did have to live in an apartment without electricity or heat for several months in winter because I couldn't afford to pay the bill. So, my anxiety problems are doing cartwheels in my mind - which is not the best situation to be in when you are going for an annual check up with a new doctor. But, I can't put off the doctor's appointment because I'm almost out of xanax and need a new prescription or I'll have to deal with withdrawal symptoms which would suck in the middle of an anxiety producing event. (This is also why I don't call up the EDF myself, because dealing with the EDF triggers very painful panic attacks.)

Fun With French

Last night the bar was pretty dead. When this happens what we often do is teach each other horrible things to say in each other's languages (given that there are generally French, UK and US people there so we really have three different slanguages.)

Anyway, doing so I discovered that the French way to say "Pussy has no face" roughly translates to "The dick has no eyes."

This is almost as good as when I found out that the way you say "Dining at the Y" in French translates to "Licking the stamp."


1. The EDF now believes we paid them and won't turn our lights off. Win.

2. My new doctor said I seem "really healthy" and gave me a new xanax prescription. Win.

3. That said he has the records from my old doctor and realized I haven't had blood work in six years, so he's making me go to the lab later this week and get blood taken. I fucking hate needles, but he said at age 42 given that I'm fat and drink that I really need to get my cholesterol and blood sugar and similar things checked every once in a while. "I'd rather send you for a blood test now than to a cardiologist next year." Lose.

4. He did say that if needles really scare me that much I have his permission to take an extra xanax before they draw blood. Win.

5. I can't eat or drink anything for 12 hours before they take blood and I'm supposed to have it done as early in the morning as possible. So, now I have to figure out what day I want to get up super early and what night I want to stay home and drink water from 8 p.m. onward. Lose.

6. Of course, I want to put off getting the blood work done, but until I have it done I'll be paranoid and convinced I have cancer. So, I'll probably head over Thursday morning to do it (I have my shrink in the early morning tomorrow.) Tie.