February 23rd, 2011


Tom Cruise is going to be in a film where he will be singing covers of songs by Styx and Bon Jovi.

He is also going to do a duet cover version of "I Want To Know What Love Is" with Anne Hathaway.

I'm not sure what terrifies me the most about this.



Dude pretending to be David Koch crank calls Scott Walker.

Get's Walker to outline his entire strategy against the Wisconsin democrats. It boils down to:

1. Having their paychecks locked in their desks so they have to come back to pick them up.

2. Bringing them all up on ethics charges.

3. Trying to find ways to charge them with felonies.

4. Tricking a couple of them to come back to "talk" inside the State House. Then, using their presence in the State House to legally qualify as a quorum and having the Republicans vote the bill into law without the Democrats realizing it's happening. Good luck with that plan now.

He also compares himself to Reagan and says that when Reagan busted the Air Traffic Controllers union that is what "brought down the Berlin Wall."