February 20th, 2011

When It's Ok To Fight Dirty

A post on theferrett's blog plus similar comments posted on Gawker made me start thinking today.

The basic argument goes like this "Yes, the Wisconsin governor is trying to do something shitty but we are being bad too by having the legislators flee the state. We are the good guys, we shouldn't be cheating!"

Fuck that noise. The GOP has been cheating forever and we've been losing because we want to keep our noses clean and play fair.

We think we'll win because our ideas are better. But better ideas only win if you are playing on a level playing field.

You could be the best boxer in the world but if you play by the rules and don't hit below the belt you'll still lose if your opponent slips razor blades into his gloves and then kicks you in the balls.

You know how you beat cheaters? You cheat better than they do. And, you get more ruthless. And, you don't feel bad doing so because you know your ideas are right and worth defending even if it means getting as dirty as the assholes you are fighting.

Come at me filibusters when we have the majority and I'll block your fucking quorum when you have a majority. Fuck with gay rights and you can be damn sure I'll find out about every closet gay in your party. Try to take away a woman's right to choose and I'll hire fucking private detectives to find out if your wife or daughter ever flew to Europe to get an abortion. Force abstinence only education onto the schools and I'll find out exactly which hookers are blowing you when your wife is out of town. Spread lies about our candidates and our policies and I'll fucking find ways to plant lies about yours too. Threaten to shut down the government - fine, but you better have some great explanation when the old farts who vote for you stop getting social security checks or we'll fucking kill you in the next election cycle.

That's how you win. And while you never want to be the one who starts it, when someone starts fighting dirty you can't play by the rules yourself.

Think of it this way - it's shitty to kick someone in the balls, but if that person was trying to mug me, I'd do it in a second, then piss on them and feel no guilt at all.