February 18th, 2011

Look At Me, I Am Old, But I'm Happy

So, my dad's birthday gift to me is a Golden Circle ticket to see The Artist Formerly Known As Cat Stevens in Paris this May.

What's really amusing is that at the same arena I'll see The Wall exactly five days later. I'm trying to imagine two more dissimilar shows at the same venue in such a small period of time and I can't think of one.

I'm thankful that Rome Girl is not taking this occasion to joke that I'm a hippy for being so psyched to see this show.

"I'm just glad you like a different type of music," was her comment.

That said, it really isn't that different from what I usually listen to. She thinks I like "white men with guitars bitching" in her words - but the truth is I just like guys or girls who stand up for what they believe in.

I call it "punk" and in that I include "The Who" and "The Rolling Stones" as much as I include "The Sex Pistols", "The Runaways" and "The Misfits."

And Yusaf Islam/Cat Stevens/Whatever He Wants To Call Himself is just as punk as anyone.

Being a white middle class British pop star who converts to Islam, gives up music for more than 20 years while supporting dozens of charities and then coming back onto the music scene is a lot more punk than anything Joe Strummer ever did.

Anyway, this clip is you for you, dad.

What Would Jim Jones Do?

Facebook has added two new relationship status options: "in a domestic partnership" and "in a civil union."

Good for them! Gays can now advertise on Facebook that they are being denied their full civil rights!

But, anyway, should we really limit it to the current options of:


In a relationship

It's complicated



In an open relationship





Can't we add some fun ones? I have some suggestions but I'd like to hear yours to!

In a sex cult



Kept in chastity

Whored out

Pet girl

Add/Drop dating

Milked weekly

Dungeon master


Sister wived





Your ideas?

Shades Of Grey

Sasha Grey has a new book coming out.

It's a really interesting idea. She decided four years ago that she knew that for the next few years that most of her life was going to be spent with people photographing or filming her.

But she didn't want the world to only be able to see what other people saw through the lens.

So, during those four years she took a bunch of self portraits while her life was going to document how she saw herself through the camera.

The book is a collection of those photographs.

Pretty fucking cool.