February 16th, 2011

Beaver Art

A photographer has started an interesting new art project.

On New Year's Day she shaved off all her pubes. Now every few days she takes a new picture of her area in exactly the same pose in order to document the process of her pubes growing back.

She's titled it "A Short Beaver's Life."

People Suck

You know if you hang around the Internet and mostly read Live Journal, Jezebel and Gawker you can get the mistaken impression that most people are kind and decent if sometimes a little snarky.

But, venture to where the great masses hang out and you can see a real shit storm of idiocy and just how shitty human beings can be.

Case in point the comments section on this article.

Here's what happened. Some dude in East Williamsburg posted a Craigslist ad offering a room in his apartment rent free if someone was willing to do the cleaning/dishes etc..

A woman responded and met him at the apartment and he then told her she was his slave, chained her to a radiator and raped her multiple times over an eight day period.

Now here are some of the comments people posted on the article:

"shes probably an illegal"

"This woman went to the same journalism school as that idiot Chris Mathews. I wonder if she had a tingle going up her leg when she wrote this story."

"I’m sure she voted for Obama too… Dumb is dumb!"

"She must have been up for it if she answered an ad on craaigslist"

"This is a classic case of a sex addict suffering the consequences of their actions. Not to condone what has happened to her, but all us addicts know we put ourselves in dangerous situations."

"I did nto know Charlie Sheen had an alias"