February 6th, 2011

A Post Full Of Cliches

Ok, so Lea Michelle who is an actress on Glee posed on the cover of Cosmo in a revealing shirt.

Now, some mom is all freaked out because her 13 year old son who is a Glee fan saw the picture when he was reading Cosmo and she's worried that it exposed him too much to sex and will send him the message that girls are sex objects and make him focus on their bodies.

Has she not considered that her 13 year old son who both watches Glee and reads Cosmo might not be all that interested in Lea Michelle's body?

Book Trivia

You know the rules. I name a character, you tell me what book it's from without using Wikipedia. Same drill as always, some will be from modern popular fiction, some from the classics just to mix it up a bit.

1. Amy Harper Bellafonte

2. Jacob Black

3. Harriet M Welsch

4. Dick Diver

5. John Self

6. Becky Sharp

7. Pierce Morehouse Patchett

8. Chili Palmer

9. Christopher Robin

10. Rita Skeeter


Dick Cheney says that Mubarak is a good friend and ally and deserves our respect.

You know what, Dick, you suck at being a Sith lord.

Bail Organa was a good ally of Senator Palpatine for a while but Alderan still got turned into a giant asteroid field.

I mean, I'm not suggesting that Mubarak is secretly raising one of W's love children as his own so they can be part of an eventual rebel alliance, but you never know!

Seriously, your padawan did the whole Sith thing better. Sadam was a good friend and ally of ours for while too, but he still bombed the shit out of that country.

So, before you open your mouth again, sit back and think "What would Anakin Skywalker do?"

Call To My Readers

I have not done shooter games since my PS2 died about three years ago.

The reason being that I liked the PS2 shooter thing where you had one joystick to move you back and forth and around and shit.

When my friends lent me Halo 3 I was completely confused by having to use two joysticks to move around.

Now, I got 100 bucks the other day that I didn't expect and really miss playing shooters.

My first instinct is to buy Call Of Duty: Black Ops - because I've heard you can be Richard Nixon killing zombies and that sounds like lots of fun.

And, I kind of think that even if the controls are awkward for me knowing that I could eventually get to that stage will make me want to learn how to use them (as opposed to Halo 3 where since I had never played the first two Halos I had no investment in figuring shit out)

That said, I don't want to waste a hundred bucks on a game if it's just going to make me scream.

So, I ask you - is Call of Duty: Black Ops fun enough to motivate me to figure out how to play it and if not, what Xbox 360 shooter would you suggest for a dude who is more used to PS2 shooters?