February 4th, 2011

Dumb Crooks

So, some crooks decide to crumble up a bunch of sheetrock and sell it as cocaine.

Too bad they got paid with $16,000 of counterfeit money.

You know both crews thought they'd totally gotten one over on the other crew.

Email From My Dad

Asked my dad what he thought of the Oscar nominees.

Here is his email response:

"I thought the Black Swan was soft porn lesbianism in the guise of a horror movie. I saw the Social Network; mildly entertaining.

The King’s Speech is a really good film. Great acting all around."

Chelsea Clinton Annulment Rumors

So, the media today is full of news about Chelsea Clinton's marriage.

Half the media sources are saying that Chelsea is filling for annulment after only six months of marriage. Half the media is saying "bullshit."

The ones that think she wants an annulment are also split. Some say it's because of his "personal abandonment." Some are saying "sexual abandonment." Others are saying it's an argument over whether or not they should have children.

Your thoughts?

Poll #1677071 Chelsea

Do You Think The Chelsea Clinton Annulment Rumors Are True?


If True What Do You Think The Cause Is?

He's gay
Adultery of some kind
She wanted kids he didn't
He wanted kids and she didn't
He's been a lazy bum since quitting his job
I think it's false but am clicking her to see what other people think