February 3rd, 2011

Starting To Watch The Oscar Nominees.

Did two tonight.

Black Swan: The angry ghost of Stanley Kubrick takes possession of a bunch of filmmakers and makes a very well shot film with wonderful acting performances that ends up being about not much of anything. Sure is creepy and scary. Overall incredibly well done, but empty.

The Social Network: Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher manage to make a movie about two really, really boring lawsuits over shares in a famous company interesting. It's almost like a Brett Easton Ellis novel in that nearly everyone comes off as a piece of shit. But, it doesn't have the sense of irony the Ellis brings to this type of material. Great performance by Timberlake. I'm just not sure Zuckerberg is the right socially awkward tech dude to make billions to make a movie about. I suspect a Bill Gates version of this would have been more fun, because it's amusing to hate on Gates. Zuckerberg you just end up feeling sorry for.

So far two very good films but I don't get the Oscar buzz about them (except for Natalie Portman's performance which would be hard to beat for best actress.)

Hit Me Baby One More Time

So, some creep is going around Tulane University using the age old scam of claiming he's a modeling scout, you look like you could be a model, I just need to take a few test pictures of you, you could be a star, etc...

That some young women fall for this shouldn't be too astounding since we all want to think we are beautiful and for many of them this may be their first exposure to the world outside their home town.

What astounds me, however, is that the fake name he gives the women is "Ty Durden."

Wouldn't that be a big fucking tip off that the dude is running a scam?

Hell, why doesn't he call himself Patrick Batemen?

Or Luis Cypher?

The mind boggles.

Raining Blood

So, apparently Charles Manson keeps getting cell phones smuggled into prison because he likes texting people.

All the articles are full of people wondering what the fuck he texts.

Screw that - I want to know what his ring tone is!

Poll #1676611 What Do You Think Charles Manson's Ring Tone Is?

What Do You Think Charles Manson Uses For A Ringtone?

Justin Bieber
Hall & Oates
Jonas Brothers
Insane Clown Posse
Something From Metallica's First Album - Kill Em All
Sony And Cher
Lady Ga Ga
The Misfits
Hootie And The Blowfish
John Denver
The Beatles