February 2nd, 2011


Rome Girl comes back home today!


On the downside I had to take an extra Xanax this afternoon because I had a nightmare last night that wouldn't stop haunting me and jumping like a scared jackrabbit every time I hear a new sound is not impression I want to make after my girl has been away for a month.

I the dream I had just bought a new car called a Dodge Bart (that is not a typo.)

Anyway I drove it from the dealership to a dinner and went in and had some food. For some reason the diner was filled with Asian refugees.

When I left the diner I went to my new car and someone had stuffed the bodies of two dead girls inside the back seat and I freaked.

Some cops came over and there was an investigation and eventually they let me drive off in my car.

I went home and parked it in front of my apartment and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning and went to my car there was the body of a female neighbor stuffed in the back seat.

Again the cops came and interviewed me and then let me drive off to work. When work was done I went to my car and there was the dead body of a female co-worker stuffed in the back seat.

This continued through about a dozen scenarios with the blood and gore increasingly bad each and every time and my feeling of fear and being watched becoming more and more oppressive.

There was no resolution to the dream. Just my alarm waking me up and my mind being unwilling to let go of what I can only describe as pure terror.