February 1st, 2011

A Summary Of CNN's Home Page Today

1. Wait, there's more to Egypt than giant triangles in the sand! There are angry people there too!

2. Shit, look at these stories about Arabs who are pissed at their leaders instead of our leaders!

3. Snow! In February! Imagine that!

4. The cute Bush daughter has gay friends.

5. Republican appellate court justices are big on states rights, not so much on health care.

6. The Obama administration can't decide between supporting a friendly tyrant or millions of people begging for democracy. Meanwhile, every other democratically elected leader in the Western world is on the right side of history.

7. Some shit about Halle Berry, some shit about Charlie Sheen and some shit about Kim Kardashian I can't be bothered to read.

And If He Was A Gay Woman?

Charlie Sheen has decided he doesn't need the three months of inpatient rehab he thought he needed the other day.

Instead he thinks he needs three weeks of rehab at his home and then can go back to work.


I'll start off the discussion.

Isn't it nice that he gets to decide how much rehab he needs when certain female stars don't get the same choice?