January 30th, 2011

Weirder And Weirder

Ok, so the hookers that Charlie Sheen paid to come to his birthday party and hang out with him while he smoked crack - he gave them $30,000 each.

This is because he wants to create a "Porn Family" to call his very own.

Also he tried to drunkenly rent his neighbor's house for four months for $1 million to house his porn family.

Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan says she's worried about him.


If Lindsy Lohan or Keith Richards are worried about your drug/alcohol use, it's time to be very, very afraid.

Pass It On

If you know anyone in Egypt, pass this on:

To bypass government blocking of websites, use numerical IP addresses: Twitter "" Facebook ""

Bad Boys

Me, my friend, Alex, and my friend Bart last week.

UPDATE: My friend, Jonty, just made this comment about this photo on Facebook:

"Not even hieronymus bosch could have dreamt of such a scene of depravity and perversion, just before you pass through the last gate of hell, this is what you see, the look in each one of their eyes portraying yet another level of sodom and wickedness."