January 29th, 2011

Who Would Have Thought It?

Jezebel decided to do a story today saying that Charlie Sheen is getting a better deal than Lohan ever did.

Who could have ever thought of this idea before??

Why has no one ever written about this before??

What a crazy and brilliant idea for them to come up with!

I'm shocked this never occurred to me!

It's so strange too, because I have dreams of making comments and tips to this effect to them and in my dreams I remember using many of the same arguments they are using and some of the same phrasing.

So, so strange!

It's like they read my mind!

Walk Like An Egyptian

Lessons from Tunisia and Egypt.

People eventually get tired of tyranny.

And, when they do, they get rid of it themselves on their own terms.

The point being - we can't use our troops to create democracy in the Middle East. That just makes people hate us and makes the tyrants look good.

But, if you wait long enough the people will do it for themselves - which has to be a scary lesson for The House of Saud and clerics in Iran.

My prediction?

Yemen next. After that, probably Iran, though Syria has potential as well. That said, Saudi Arabia could be the first if young Saudi women start pointing out to young Saudi men that their ability to get laid will be 1,000 percent higher once they get rid of their weird form of misogynistic rule.

Dudes will always riot over pussy if they know that's what the stakes are.