January 28th, 2011

Birthday Blues

We've all woken up after our birthdays and been like "WTF?"

It happens. But probably not as spectacularly as it does if you are Charlie Sheen.

He spent his birthday getting fucked up with a porn star and then woke up:

1. In the hospital with a hernia.

2. Only to find out that the girl had tweeted this very NSFW photo that includes all of his party supplies including her crotch.

The Artist Vs. The Person

When I posted my Cat Stevens link last night someone pointed out that he's now a hypocritical Islamic douchebag who supported a fatwa against Rushdie back in the day.

And, that's true.

But, it's also true that the dude can sing and play guitar.

Personally I think what an artist does/thinks off stage is irrelevant. It might be interesting, but honestly the best artists are often raging assholes.

Axl Rose is a wife beater but I'd see Guns N Roses in concert.

Nikki Sixx is a misogynist asshole, but I still like Motley Crue.

Mel Gibson is all kinds of wrong but I still like Lethal Weapon.

And, finally Keith Richards reveals himself to be a self deluded junkie violence freak in "Life" but I love seeing the Stones.

I just don't see the connection between people being dickweeds and not wanting to appreciate their art anyway.

The Charlie Sheen Thing Gets Even Better

As vintagehandbag said "Where is the rock bottom for Charlie Sheen?"

Check out this description of the birthday party that ended up with him hospitalized for a hernia.

"She arrived at Charlie's mansion and was greeted by several other girls. "He was like, 'you're the missing puzzle piece. I need a blonde.'" Kacey (above at right) was holding a bottle of vodka when Sheen "grabs it from my hands—and I love the guy, right?—grabs it, and chugs it in like three seconds, and is like 'Don't ever test me again.'" Eventually "it was too much, and that time of night, when everyone is too drunk." Time for bed? Time for "a phone call. For the drugs!" A man with a Gucci bag materializes and dumps "like, five eight-balls, huge, the size of my fist! We're talking, like, 20 grand of coke." Apparently crack was involved, too, but Kacey didn't seem to know what it was: "[Charlie] had this green pipe, it looked like a bong for weed, but then he took a chunk, because it was a rock? And he sliced it off, and he shoved it inside, and starts smoking it. Smoking the coke!" They really did watch TV. Mostly porn: "He has so much porn. A huge theater. I think that's all he does, sits there and watches porn." Charlie didn't have sex with anyone, just "sat there with his little green pipe, and smoked it."