January 27th, 2011

Random Shit Your Partner Does That Makes No Sense

I love Rome Girl, but like with anyone there is shit she does that just makes no sense to me. I try to ignore it, because I'm learned over time that there are some things that just defy explanation.

I'm sure all of you who have partners have the same situation. So, let's share. I'll throw out some Random Shit Rome Girl Does That Makes No Sense - and then you come back with Random Shit Your Partner Does That Makes No Sense.

1. Rome Girl never needs to walk in front of the television unless I'm in the middle of a difficult Guitar Hero solo or a Final Fantasy boss battle.

2. If we are watching a movie she doesn't like her reaction isn't just to sit through it, or say "this sucks, let's watch something else" but to clean up clutter in the apartment.

3. She sent me a text the other day saying "I found a great winter coat for 89 euros!" This would be helpful information if I had any clue what winter coats for women usually cost. I don't. I don't even own a winter coat so I don't even know what winter coats for men cost.

4. This weekend she's going to visit some Conde Naste travel editor in Paris who she's never seen in person but has had an online crush on for a couple years. Then she'll take the train back to Montpellier (she's been in Rome all month). She sent me an email saying there were two hotels she was trying to pick between - one for $110 a night and one for $130 a night. Would it bother me if she got the more expensive one? Is there any dude in the world who would be like "No, you can not spend that extra 20 dollars for your personal comfort!"

5. She spends more time on her hair and make up when she's going to hang out with her female friends then when we go out. I, on the other hand, spend more time on my personal appearance if I'm going out with her then if I'm just getting drinks with the dudes.

6. Her Kindle arrived here after she got to Rome, so she's excited to play with it when she gets home. That I understand. But we were talking about books the other day and I mentioned that I really liked "Life" and "The Passage." Her response was "Great! I'll download them to the Kindle when I get back to Montpellier." But... the actual books themselves are sitting in our apartment!!!!!

7. I can look at the apartment and think it's incredibly clean and everything is in its place. Ten minutes later she will look around and say "God, this place is a mess."

8. When the cat is in a good mood, Squirt will always want to wrestle with me. But, the cat will never try to wrestle with Rome Girl. In the same mood, she'll simply sit on Rome Girl's lap.

Ok, your turn!