January 25th, 2011



Just woke up from awful nightmare.

I had gone to a ski resort (which is weird since I've never been to a ski resort in my life) to meet up with theadulteress.

She called and told me that she was running a few hours late but that one of her guy friends was there and I could have a drink with him while I waited.

Found the dude and he had an apartment in in the ski resort. Went there and he went to mix a couple drinks. While he was doing so I looked around and saw that he had framed dirty photos of Violet on the wall of her cheating on her husband.

He then came up and pointed out the photos and started talking about "married bitches" - so I picked up a fireplace poker and beat him to death. Then, ripped the photos off the wall, dropped them on top of his body, poured gasoline over him and the photos and set it all on fire.

Then I pissed on him while he was burning.

At that point I woke up with a cold sweat and a really paranoid feeling.

God, Banks Suck

As freelancers Rome Girl and I get paid through Elance, PayPal and wire transfers.

Our bank is Wachovia which was purchased a year or so ago by Wells Fargo.

We just got notified by mail that on February 7th all Wachovia accounts will become Wells Fargo accounts and that we should be sure to "update any payment information."

I assume this means we'll have new account numbers or wire transfer code information, but the booklet does not state that explicitly.

So, I just called up Wachovia to ask them. Was told "Yes, you will have a new account number and wire transfer information."

I asked what the new numbers would be so that I could, you know, tell my wire transfer clients as well as PayPal and Elance, so I can, you know get fucking paid next month.

"We don't know," she said.

All she could do was transfer me over to Wells Fargo, where I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then hung up on.

You are a bank!!! You should be making it easy for me to put money into you!!!!

Banking! You are doing it wrong!

A Picture That Must Be Shared And Talked About

Here we have Lohan with two of her friends at a club last weekend.


Now, if that photo doesn't make you stand up and say "Whoa?" I don't know what will.

But, it does beg the question - here we have three women all being hot in very different ways.

So, who is hotter?

Poll #1672394 Who Is Hotter?

Who In This Pic Is Hotter?

Bleeding Eye Girl

The Least Blind Item In History


Why not throw in some references about their marriage being a mission impossible while you are at it!

For the linkphobic:

"BlindGossip – When some bold paparazzi asked this acting couple about a joke a comedian had recently made about the male half of their team, neither of them could muster a grin. Just icy, cold silence.

However, away from the cameras, he was quite furious about the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, there’s no legal way to fight a blind joke.

On the other hand, the wife actually thought that the joke was hilarious, and had a difficult time not reacting in her husband’s presence when she first heard it. While she’s glad that she’s held up her end of the deal, she can’t be held responsible for other people chipping away at her husband’s reputation. Their relationship has been over for months now, and she is just counting the days left on her contract, at which point she can cash out and move on."