January 21st, 2011

Oh, Really?

Because one of my step mom's dogs passed away this fall, my brother bought her a puppy for Christmas.

It's named Dexter.

I asked her why.

"Oh, your brother named him," she said. "He said he's a detective who solves crimes on a television show."

Clearly, I've trained my brother well.

More Thoughts On The Passage

Now, that I've had a night to sleep on it, the one thing that sticks in my mind is how much The Passage steals from other books. This is not a dis on The Passage, because it works very well.

But just off the top of my head it steals from:

The Stand

Salem's Lot


Watership Down

American Tabloid

I'm sure there are other references I've missed or just not thought of yet. The Watership Down section is particularly blatant.

Is Proper Spelling Racism?

Jacques Derrida is famous for saying that correct spelling is a form of tyranny.

On Jezebel yesterday, a bunch of commentators said that it is racism.

To make a long story short a trending topic on Twitter was #rulesforgirls.

As one would expect for anything involving the Internet a lot of dumb, shitty things got said.

Here's a small sample:

# never fuck in the same crew. You'll be labeled as a "homie hopper".
# SHAVE everything but your head.
# I hatee when girls try too makee themselves walk bolegeted noeing dere not ! Ugh be your self plz
# value your pussy. classy > trashy
# Act like a lady, think like a man, so you dont get played like a bitch!
# if u deliberately give me an erection, plz get rid of it without complaining, its your fault! >:|
# If you look cheap and talk cheap, you get treated cheap.
# If u married wit kids, n u STILL tryna gogo dance, cant book any work cuz u round like a pumpkin, hit da gym u fat fuck
# If you don't want to be cheated on u better be a bad bitch, better show ur man ur the shit
# don't open ya legs to every nigga .... respect yourself n you'll be wifey respected" **PREACH**
# cook him food. thats the way to a guys heart.
# if u gotta man.. U better b willing to go the whole 9, b4 a brutha turn to another for sum luvin!.. Keepin it real

Now, a lot of Jezebel commentators started making fun of the spelling in many of the Tweets and commented that this reflected that they were written by idiots.

That freaked out other Jezebels who then made comments like this:

"If you can't read something because it's written in a dialect of English that you're unfamiliar with, that's not a reflection on that writer's intelligence, it's a commentary on your intellectual limitations.

I'm also struck by the level of almost willful ignorance of African American culture shown here."


"You can't fight sexism with racism, classism and elitism. Basically, you come across as being as biased against low income youth of color as the jerks who write these tweets are against women - and is that a place you really want to be?"


You seriously want to claim that being offended by "don't open ya legs to every nigga .... respect yourself n you'll be wifey respected" **PREACH**" is racist?

Now, anyone who reads me regularly knows I can't spell for shit. So, I'm not a member of the dictionary police at all.

That said substituting numbers for letters and not being able to tell the difference between "it's" and "its" doesn't really strike me as a dialect. It strikes me as just being a lazy, bored teenager with access to Twitter.

And, I don't think that calling lazy bored teenagers who think 4ever is the same as forever "idiots" is out of line, particularly if they are spending their free time talking shit about women.

So, wht u think bout dis, my niggas?

Preach it to me!

Scratching My Head

I can't quite nail down this Gawker blind item.

I think I have it narrowed down to two possibles, but am still not sure.

Your thoughts?

"This almost A list always foreign born movie actor was dining at a restaurant two nights ago with his B list movie actress significant other. When our actor saw who was serving them, our actor told his significant other they could ask for another waiter because it turns out our actor had slept with the waiter. His significant other replied, 'Oh, its OK, I slept with him too.'"

Poll #1670431 Who Is This Blind Item Referencing?

Who Is This Blind Item Referencing?

Jude Law
Daniel Craig