January 12th, 2011

Holy Mother Of Fuck

Warren Ellis who has 400,000 followers linked to my blog from his Twitter.

I also got a really nice email from the guy who wrote the press release I'd referenced in that post.

All in all, the Internet is making me feel really good today!

UPDATE: Some of you guys are now being quoted in Time Out Chicago.

We are getting famous!

Apartment Drama

Dear Upstairs Neighbor,

I'm glad you just threw all your boyfriend's shit out the window. Because you know what, when you came home today and found him beating your dog it wasn't the first time. Yes, that note in the hallway that Rome Girl posted saying "please stop beating your dog" - that was directed at your boyfriend.

I also don't understand why it's taken you until now to throw his shit out the window. Whenever you fuck him you are clearly faking your orgasms. However, when the dude who comes over in the afternoon fucks you, you are clearly having real orgasms.

So, why'd you let a guy who doesn't know how to fuck you, constantly accuses you of cheating on him and beats your dog stay around for so long?

Anyway, you did the right thing. Pour yourself a glass of wine, call up your dude on the side, get laid and chill out.

The bastard wasn't worth it.



The Usual Suspect

Why even bother labeling this as a blind item.

Is there anyone who has ever had any interest at all in celebrities who wouldn't get it?

"Which A-List Oscar winner refuses to come out of the closet even though everyone in Hollywood already knows he is gay? The talented thespian says he needs to keep his sexuality a secret to make his straight characters more believable. But his friends say he is really just afraid of losing primo leading roles."

Man, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.