January 7th, 2011

Hair Of The Dog

One of my friends when back to the UK for the holidays. He just got back the other day and heard the weirdest story from one of his family members over Christmas dinner.

It seems she'd gotten a temporary gig dogsitting for a family for the month of December. They had two dogs, one of which was a six month old Golden Retriever.

About a week and a half into the gig she woke up one morning to find the Golden retriever dead.

She was terrified that she'd done something awful to kill it, so she called up a vet and begged him to do an autopsy on it. He agreed and she made an appointment to bring the dog in.

But, she didn't have a dog carrier so she stuffed the thing into a suitcase on wheels and took the Tube over to the vet's office.

Along the way she was having trouble getting the suitcase up the stairs out of the Tube so a guy offered to help her.

She handed him the suitcase - at which point he ran off with it. She tried to chase him down and failed.

Can you imagine the look on that criminal's face when he eventually opened up the suitcase?

Rome Girl As Editor

For work related items, Rome Girl works as my proofreader.

Normally that's fine, but sometimes I have an off day.

I can always tell by the emails she sends me.

For example I just got this email from her (and this is the entire text of the email)

"writing "the ability to be able to" twice in one article = i'm going to stab you in your sleep."


I've always thought that there are two types of people who buy Apple products:

1. Graphic designers who actually need an Apple for work related reasons.

2. Idiots with both too much time and money on their hands.

This has been reinforced by the fact that people are now paying for iPad apps for their cats to play with.

Seriously. Sure it's only a dollar, but that still screams insanity to me.

The deal is the game has a mouse running around the screen and every time the cat hits the mouse with their paw it makes a cat sound and the cat gets points.


Here you have a hugely expensive electronic device and you are turning it into a cat toy!

Jesus Christ.