January 5th, 2011

Writer's Block: Clash of the titans

When was the last time you had a serious conflict with someone on LiveJournal, and what was it about?

An insane girl who reads radiumhead's blog went nuts on me a couple years ago making dozens and dozens of comments about how unattractive I am and how no woman should ever fuck me.

While it's true that I'm a short fat drunk with a million red flags and I'm not sure why anyone with a vagina ever comes near me, it got really tiresome and boring really quickly so I made the mistake of telling insane girl to fuck off which just sent her into hyperdrive.

Pedo Bear

Some people are claiming that this spread from the latest issue of Paris Vogue verges into pedophilia/child porn territory.

I'll post a couple below but you can see the full set at the link. (all are safe for work.)

Your thoughts?



Register These Domains Now!

The U.S. government is considering banning menthol cigarettes.

Since 80 percent of black people who smoke smoke menthols, Lorillard Tobacco which makes Newports is screaming racism.

They've also, in a defensive move, started buying up domain names that could be used against them.

For example they've bought MentholKillsMinorities.com, MentholAddictsYouth.com and FDAMustBanMenthol.com.

So, I just did a quick search on GoDaddy to see what names they have yet to buy up and found these gems:

mackdaddysmokesmenthols.com is available

seriouspimpssmokementhols.com is available

whiteywonttakemyfuckingmenthols.com is available

killallwhitepeople.com is available

meandmyniggazssmokementhols.com is available

huckfinnandniggerjimsmokementhols.com is available

imakillyouformymenthols.com is available

fuckyouwhiteyiwantmymenthols.com is available

honkeystooweaktosmokementhols.com is available