January 3rd, 2011


Lohan Comeback Photo Shoot

So, as I'm sure you know Lohan gets out of court ordered rehab today.

Her wonderful mother, Dina, issued a statement asking photographers not to be around the Betty Ford Center, LiLo's home or to follow her from rehab.

Good luck with that. Why not just say "please don't throw me in that there brier patch!"

Anyway, she's trying to launch a new website but at this point it's nothing but the worst flash animation I've ever seen.

She's also released four "comeback photos" which, obviously, I'll paste below. Anyway, she somehow managed to do the full 73 days she was sentenced to without any violations (though she did have a close call with that nutty clinic worker) so it looks like her legal problems are over.

Still, I wouldn't put it past the State of California to find some excuse to extend her probation, since they seem to be experts at that and I'm no legal scholar.

Anyway, good luck LiLo. If you get in a movie I'll pay money to see it and if you pose for Penthouse I'll actually buy an issue.