January 2nd, 2011

Interesting Fact

Did you know that Sears Roebuck was the reason electric guitars were popularized and the blues was invented in rural areas?

It's true. The deal is that in non urban areas in the late 20s to the mid 30s the Sears catalog was where people pretty much bought anything that wasn't food.

At this point the Gibson company got the bright idea of selling their electric guitar models through the Sears catalog at a lower price than Sears was selling banjos.

So, when banjos broke and people were looking to replace them a lot of rural people, not being particularly wealthy, decided to go for the Gibson guitars instead and save themselves a few bucks.

But, once they had them, realized that they couldn't play the same type of songs on them that they could on banjos.

What they did was tune them banjo style and tear off the sixth string.

This left them only three playable chords and we all know what an electric guitar plus three playable chords leads to...